• Apr 4th, 2016


    James Grebe is the only piano tuner in town to have tuned the only existing organ pianos (3) in St. Louis. An organ piano is a regular piano that is connected to and playable from the keyboard of a pipe organ. The existing organ pianos are these: The City Museum theatre pipe organ located in the City Museum and is a 3 manual Wurlitzer Theatre pipe organ and the organ piano is a Kimball Spinet. St. Louis Fox Theatre Wurlitzer, 4 manual/36 rank , and the Wurlitzer organ piano is in one of the chambers on the north side. The newest organ piano installation is in the Scottish Rite Cathedral and part of the giant Kimball 4 manual concert pipe organ installed in the building and is a 1921 Kimball upright piano..

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Welcome to my website.  While you are here, check out the articles that are informative and enjoyable.  There are many interesting things to read.

  My  career began, in June of 1962, after  graduating from Harris Jr. College in St. Louis, MO. After graduation I became a piano technician apprentice at the piano rebuilding shop (PSA) owned by the Aeolian Co of MO. The most experienced technicians in the area at St. Louis’ prime piano store taught and guided me. I took private tuning instruction in the evenings and on Saturdays from the owner (Clarence Trump) of the Kieselhorst Piano Co.  I progressed and was transferred to the downtown Aeolian store piano shop at 1004 Olive where I learned new piano preparation. In 1967 I began working at Ludwig Music House on on Pine Street, where in 2 years, Ludwig absorbed Aeolian and became Ludwig-Aeolian. I remained with them until 1972 when I became an independent piano technician and joined the Piano Technicians Guild and remained so until 2004.  During the entire time, in the PTG, I was at the highest skill level  the Guild gave.  In the middle years, I , with a small group of piano tuners, the St. Louis Chapter, set up the first tuning test in this area for the Guild at Principia College in Piano Technicians Guild in Elsah, IL.. 
In 1975 I became a member of the American Theatre Organ Society and a writer of many theatre and organ documents and histories having to do with the art form. Including a bio of Stan Kann, the Fox organs, and various other histories of forgotten St. Louis theatres.
In 1989 I was awarded the Member of the Year Plaque in the St. Louis Chapter of the PTG. 

     Since after 10 years of working for Ludwig-Aeolian in 1972, I have run my  own tuning business successfully. In the 1980’s, I began the crafting of Handsome Hardwood Caster Cups from my  shop. Thus far, 55 years, and counting, in the piano service business, I have tuned for thousands of satisfied private and commercial accounts. Being rounded around the piano has given me the unique position of a knowledgeable source of quality piano work and being able to produce products that are complimentary to musical instruments.

If you see a product you would like to purchase, please call and I will box it up, take it to the  Post Office and get a quote on EXACT shipping charges and I will contact you so you do not pay more than necessary for shipping.  All sales are final.  If you live in the St. Louis, MO area I will personally deliver them at no cost.


I would be happy to answer your piano and accessories questions if you contact me.

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