Handsome Hardwood Writing Instruments


Now until Christmas, 2016 all my Handsome Hardwood Writing Instruments are offered at 20% off, if I am already in you9r home to tune your piano.
New for 2016 , combo Ball Point Pen at one end and Stylus at the other for I-pads and smartphones.
Bolt action bullet cartridge pens. There are many styles to choose from scattered among the writing instruments.


Latest testimonial- "I love the pen you sent me.  Arrived yesterday.  I'd like to order another one" from PmC in San Diego, CA.

Custom made  Pens .All pens are made in Arnold, MO. > 

Straight from display  at the St. Louis Artists Guild in Oaknoll Park in Clayton for 6 months comes a special group of my pens.  They are designated by the letters AG in front of their number

New, this year, are exciting Writing Instruments of many new acrylic patterns and some new designs made of pens made of shredded wheat cereal encased in epoxy. Stay tuned.

Tired of the commonplace? Remember when the feel of a fine pen in your hands gave you a sense of great pride. Handsome Hardwood pens are handcrafted out of the finest, interesting woods and can compliment your fine taste.

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