The Vose & Sons Piano Company

The Vose Piano Company

By James Grebe           James Whiting Vose was born in 1818and learned the cabinet makers trade in Boston, one of the earliest centers for craftsman of many enterprises.  After learning that trade, he worked for various piano companies there.  In 1851,  he built his own first piano and educated his 3 sons in all branches of the piano business, admitted them into partnership and changed the company name to Vose & Sons.  IN 1889 the company was incorporated with the entire family members owning all the stock.  After the depression the company went under the control of Aeolian- American and in beginning in the  1950’s,  Production ceased in 1985.  The Vose name was used on low cost vertical pianos made in Memphis.  Many Vose  pianos before 1940 are grand pianos and are quite decent instruments. Please take a moment to vist the other portions of my website. Copyright,2008, Yesterday Once More Publications, James Grebe

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