The Steinway Piano Company

    So much has been written about Steinway pianos that most of their history is already known to most piano people.  I will tell you about those things that a piano tuner knows about Steinway pianos.

    Piano have ranged in size from the 52' model K types, the studios (45") and even the console (40").  Today they range from the 45" to the 52" and in grands fro 5'1" to the 9'. 

   The old 52" variety had wondrous cases of beautifull rock solid construction though their actions by now are difficult to work on and sometimes to even get parts for.   Their console piano, though beautiful in woods and case design are not made anymore  They ceased to produce them because cost priced them out of the  vertical market.  The newer 45" and 52" vericals are rock solid and solid performers.  In grands all their sizes from 5'1, 5'7.5", 5'10.5", 6'2", 6'10.5", and 8'11.75" are standards for their size of piano.  Each offers rock solid performance at premium prices.  The exclusive features like the diaphraghmatic soundboard, and accelerated actions have proved themselves through the years.  Though Steinway has the shortest guarenty in the industry (5 years) it does not matter as the pianos seem to last forever lending themseles to countless rebuilding and refinishing processes.  Usually the only competition for the Steinway is another Steinway.  Steinway pretty much has the concert artists endorsements as almost all concert performers use Steinway.  Even the poorest Steinway is still a Steinway when it comes to investment considerations.  No piano is built stronger in the world or holds its retail value better than a Steinway.

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