The Boston Piano Compnay

by James Grebe
     The Boston Piano Company was begun by Steinway to offer most Steinway exclusive features to to a slightly more competitive priced instrument.  All Boston's are made in Kawai factories in Japan and are exclusive Steinway designs, not repackaged Kawai designs, and use Steinway approved hardwood action parts.  The pianos range from a 46" studio vertical piano to the 52" vertical.  In grand sizes they range from the 5'1" size up to a 7'1" size.

New as of December, 2009 is the new upgraded "Performance Edition".  Steinway has enhanced the specs to Maple inner rims, all-new synthetic ivory key coverings, a new "Octagrip" pin plank, and Mapes made bass strings.  Also new upgraded polished brass casters with dual wheels, and a slow close fallboard on the vertical models.

Boston pianos hold up very well in serious piano homes as well as high use in schools and churches.  They are a good choice for those wanting high performance but less cost than a full Steinway.

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