Selling Your Piano

  So, you’ve decided to sell the “ old girl”.  Remember what it was that first attracted you to her in the first place?  Was it the feel of her to the touch?; Was it the sound of her voice?; Was it the presence of her magnificent design?; Was it the exquisite look of her?  Remember what it was that attracted you to her and chances are that will be the same thing that attracts her new owner.  Do your best to do get her as close as possible to her original condition as possible.          In order for your piano to be shown in her best possible light she should be well tuned to standard pitch A-440Hz.  A written history of regular maintenance is an attribute, as it shows you cared for her well.  If she has not been regularly maintained, start now with the current fresh tuning date. This gives the potential buyer an idea of how well the piano has been respected by you.  If the piano has minor problems, have them taken care of so you do not have to offer excuses.  Sticking keys do not show well.  If there are scratches do your best to touch them up with touch up products sold at finishing supply stores, The same thing is true of the bench including tighten up the bench nuts.  A good thing to do is to thoroughly vacuum the inside and th aback of the piano.  Have some music laying on the piano so it looks like the piano has been used.           The best person to buy the piano is someone you already know.  If you had a piano teacher, let them know your piano is on the market and that there would be a small reward for their help in referring a buyer.  Selling to strangers is the next step.  Price the piano at a reasonable amount so you have some negotiating room but not so high to scare people off.  If you try selling to a piano tuner or store, remember their offer will be at a wholesale level, not retail.   Selling to them relieves you of moving the piano or bringing strangers into your home.  Who ever buys the piano, the mover should be bonded and insured.  You do NOT want a person injured inside your home moving it.  The way most people sell a piano is by advertising and that is the part that has changed most in the recent history.  Everyone who is looking, looks at least in the Sunday Post.  Ads run any other day are a waste of money.  Most other places are a waste of money unless your piano is a junker.  The simpler the ad, the better.  You want the buyer to call you to ask questions so be basic in your ad.  Do not bargain on the phone from your asking price.  Only bargain when the come to look.  Here is a sample: Piano for sale, name of piano, style, finish, bench included, good condition, your phone number.  Always talk as if you are a family rather than a single person.  Always have someone else in the home when buyers come looking and always use we and us when referring to yourself.  If the price you are offered keep their name and phone number and amount for future reference.  It may take several times of advertising before a buyer is found and remember there are slow times of the year.  Give the people who did not come up with your price time to call back so skip a week in your ads.  Remember the people who offered you a price are your best prospects.  When you do accept an offer get cash, or money order and wait until the check clears before the piano leaves your home. Copyrightr,2008/Yesterday Once More Publications, James Grebe 

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