Music & Pianos- A Perspective

Music and Pianos

By James Grebe

          Are you tired of society trying to steal your time from you?  We are bombarded by ads to entice us to spend your money to do things for entertainment, watch television so we can see more ads, go do this or that because it will be fun.  Of course, most of these will cost money and have little or no socially redeeming value.  Most of the things that can really benefit us are looked down upon because of the amount of time it takes to master or become proficient at them.  These are the very things that will entertain, educate, cost less, and really mean something to our overall development as interesting human beings.          In my business, I meet a lot of older people who are just literally crying to have someone to talk to them for a change.  Did you ever notice that people who get the most attention, and indeed are searched out to talk to, are people who have a skill that others can appreciate?  If you have a musical instrument, hopefully a piano, you have one of the greatest means of getting you into the social whirl, and at the same time, the center of attention.          Take a look at it, sitting there against the wall.  How long has it been since someone has played it?  How long has it been since you had it tuned last?  Have you forgotten what it sounds like when it is in tune?  You have one of the most entertaining pieces of hardware (high tech lingo for a machine, device, or instrument) and all you need to do is to supply the software, (you-the player with your music books or your memory).  Chances are, you use the piano as a great place to display your pictures and belongings.  Get out your cleaning rag and clean those keys and get into your piano bench and become re-acquainted with your old friend. A friend is what the piano really is.  With you supplying the playing, music can become a mind-altering substance.  Music can lift you from the depths of despair to the heights of mountains. It can lower you to solemn stillness or thoughts of happiness, laughter, bring you up   or let you down.  You say that your hands are too stiff and your fingers won’t do what you want them to?  Coax them along and as your mood changes you will feel less of your aches and pains and more of what you can do to make your feelings soar.  It is when times are the most quiet and you are really alone when music can over take you.  Your piano is your friend and you can cultivate that relationship.  If you have a TV in the same room, move it. If you spend your time alone and feeling sorry for yourself you will never accomplish anything. Now is the time for music.            Now the keys should look inviting to you.  Your chair or benchshould put you ate the proper height. To see if it is right look at the angle forme3d at your elbows while playing.  The angle should be slightly more than 90 degrees.  If you have any of your old music, especially the early instruction books, this is where you begin.  Do not be alarmed that you are going very slowly, as that is the neat part.  What you mastered before you can master again. Set aside a certain time each day when you will not be distracted for your new-old friend. Forget all your troubles and concentrate Your skill will come back and grow.

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