The J & C Fischer Piano Company

     In the year 1840 two brothers, John and Charles Fischer began working at the firm of R and W Nunns and Clark Piano company.  Later it became the Nunns & Fischer .  In 1845 it began with serial number 2500.  By the turn of the century about 500 pianos were made anually.  At that time they were located in New York.  After the turn of the century it was sold to the American Piano Company and later in 1932 by the Aeolian Corporation.  It continued to be manufactured until  1982 with serial number 219400.

It is hard to figure out how long it remained a unique piano unto itself rather than another one of Aeolian's pianos with a different leg style or different music rack design and slapping on a J & C Fischer decal on the fallboard

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