The Haines Brothers Piano Company

The Haines Bros. Piano Company

By James Grebe

           In 1832 Napoleon Haines traveled with his younger brother Francis and arrived in New York after crossing the ocean alone to join their father.  Napoleon was very enterprising and earned money as a boot black to earn money.  At the age of 15 he and his brother apprenticed themselves to the New York Piano Company learning all aspects of piano manufacturing.  By 1851 the 2 brothers began their own piano company with an output of 2 instruments per week.  By 1856, they built a factory and output rose to 20 pianos a week.  With the passing of Napoleon in 1900, Francis sold the business to the American Piano Company  In the year 1923, the Haines Bros name was carried by grand pianos as well as Ampico Reproducing Pianos.  Towards 1930 many similarities became very similar to Chickering pianos.  In 1930 the name ceased to be used. Please visit the other portions of my website. Copyright,2008, Yesterday Once More Publications, James Grebe

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