The Haddorff Piano Company

     Charles Haddorff was born in Sweden in 1864. and had studied European methods of manufacture and learned to play piano before he emigrated to the America. By 1898 he had become a piano factory superintendant.  Founded by Charles Haddorff in 1901 in Rockford, IL with financial backing from P.A. Peterson they embarked building high quality pianos.  Haddorff designed new piano scales for his grand and upright pianos preceded by a study  of the scientific studies of theoretical acousticians.He called his soundboard design, "HomoVibrating Soundboard", and was constructed to allow greater freedom of vibration.The cast iron plate was of extra heavy construction and was made with a custom shoulder mating aginst the pin block.    The company also built the Bush & Gerts, Bennet , Hartzell, Karl Zeck  and the Clarendon brands of pianos.  From start to finish (1901-1960) there were aproximately 160,000 pianos built.  After Charles died the company was run by the Krakauer Brothers.  The Krakauer firm  then sold out to the Kimball Piano Co and then  folded completely.  All of the Haddorff pianos I have serviced have been quality built pianos with very sturdy construction.

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