The Gulbransen Piano Company

     The Gulbransen Piano Company was begun by Axel Gulbransen at a factory at 816 W Kedzie Blvd in Chicago. Later  at 100 Wilmot Rd in Deerfield, IL  in 1915 with a serial number of 90000 and continued up from there.  The Gulbrasen was the first maker to make an upright piano with a player piano action in the same case.  The firm of Gulbransen and Dickinson made thousands of player pianos in  the 1920's. Around 1950 it was sold to CBS and later in 1964 to Seeburg, the Juke Box Company,  In the 1960s Gulbransen began building electronic organs and was one of the first to use transistors in their circuitry.  Their larger organs used individual tone generators for each note of the scale and their Rialto Theatre Organ was one of the best in the 1960's featuring  2 manuals of keys and a 25 note pedalboard.  During this time they also owned the Bremen Piano Company factory.  Production ceased in 1969 with serial number 571000. In 1985 the name was bought by Mission Bay Investments which owned Ludwig-Aeolian here in St. Louis, a company I worked for for 10 years beginning in 1962.  In 2002 QRS Music Technologies acquired the name and pianos were made by Samick.

It was on Gulbransen pianos that the author learned to tune in 1962 taught by Clarence Trump, owner of the former Kieselhorst Piano Company who sold Gulbransens in Clayton, MO .

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