The Cable - Nelson Piano Company

      The Cable Nelson Piano company began in Chicago in 1903 as The Fayette S. Cable Company.  Nelson joined the company in 1905 with  Fayette S Cable and thus began the Cable-Nelson piano.  Its serial number started with 26000 and ran up from there.  In the late 20's Cable Nelson was bought by the Everett Piano Company and production resumed in South Haven, Michigan.  THe Cable Nelson served the lower priced market  with the Everett on the higher priced end. After 1950, Everett became part of the Meridian Corporation and in the early 1960's became part of the Hammond Organ Company at which time there became a Hammond Piano and a Everett Organ Company.  Years earlier in the 1940's there was another orgasn with the Everett name on it called the Everett Orgatron and later it was bought by Wurlitzer .  It's tonme was derived by amplifiying wind blown reed. Both were short lived. Later, Everett became part of the Yamaha Corporation and a little later production ceased for the Everett and Cable-Nelson piano.  In 2007, Yamaha resumed production of the Cable Nelson brand and is macde inj the Far East..  The last American made Cable Nelson ended with serial number 427000 in 1981

I hope while you are on my site you will examine the other hand crafted items I produce form my shop in Arnold, MO.  Most other sites sell similar wares that are mass produced but mine are made one at a time by hand.

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