Buying the New Piano from the Internet

     It is considered to be cheaper to buy a new piano from the internet when you just consider price.  The final cost, however,  you pay will be vastly different.  Things that you pay extra for include moving to your home, unpacking and checking the piano and final regulation and  tuning.  Once you get the piano to your home you have to do all the preparatory work, that the local  dealer would be doing at no cost.  A raw piano from the factory will have a certain amount of mechancial work to put it in proper playing condition.  Most of the pianos available on the internet, straight from a wholesale distributor will have been manufactured in a Far East country and will have been shipped in a container over the ocean with all the changes in humidity and temperatures it will have gone through.  The piano must be stabilized in the climate of your area and to your home.  If there is a problem with the piano, you will have no local dealer to diagnose, repair , or even to have someone answer your questions.  Many of the pianos available have no real track record in this country even though they may have familiar American sounding names.  These long standing names have been bought up by these Asian manufactureres to place them on whatever instrument they choose to make whether very cheap or  fine quality. Once you get the piano it is yours with no recourse to have a local place to complain to or change to a different model.  In other words, let the buyer beware.   When you by from a local dealer you will pay a little more BUT you will have a more finished instrument and much more peace of mind.

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