The Bosendorfer Piano Company

The Bosendorfer Piano began in 1828 by Ignaz Bosendorfer in Vienna, Austria.  Ludwig, Ignaz's son took over in 1859.  In 1860 and in 1870 new factories were built.   In 1909 Carl Hutterstrasser bought the company untill 1966 when Kimball bought the company. 

In 1828, the first year of production made 4 instruments. Most other years production stayed around 400 pianos a year.   Bosendorfer was one of the very few companies that began their serial numbers with 001.  Bosendorfer has always been one of the most expensive pianos to buy simply because of all the handwork.  Until recently, the 9'6" grand was the largest piano in production.  Last I heard that piano list for $179.540.00

The Yamaha Piano Company now owns Bosendorfer

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