Piano Service

I have the skills to tune and service your piano with expertise.  Having done warranty work for Steinway, Boston, Essex, and Yamaha, Chickering, Knabe, Mason & Hamlin, Steck, Gulbransen Everett, Cable-Nelson, Kimball, Baldwin, Kawai, Samick, Hyundai, Seiler, Bechstein, Henry F. Miller,  and a host of other popular piano makes and through the years I have serviced all major brands of instruments. Some of my tunings through my 55 years of tuning were performed for the St. Louis Symphony, Powell Hall, the new Central Library Auditorium, Ambassador Theatre, Fox Theatre, Franke Laine, Charlotte Peters, Stan Kann, Russ David, the rock group "Queen", Stan Kenton Orchestra, , Barry Manilow, and Erin Bode.  I have tuned at Kiel Opera House, Peabody Opera House, Powell Hall, the Fox, Theatre, Kingsland Theatre, Sheldon Concert Hall, The New Cathedral Basilica, Jazz at the Bistro, the New Pageant Theatre, the Edward Jones Dome, and radio staion KDHX.

Some thoughts on properly taking care of your piano are: 

Try to place the piano in the most stable temperature and humidity level place in the room.  Never put drinks or hot objects on the piano.  Do not eat or drink while playing.  Do not see how hard you can play the piano.  Treat entire instrument with care and respect.  Tune the piano regularly.  Here are some tuning guidlines.

New pianos: tune in 1 month, then in 2 months, then in 3 months, then in 4 months and every 6 months from then on.

Older pianos:

Pitch raising: 0 to -10c low -normally 6 months

-10c to -20c tune in 2 months and then every 6 months.

-20c to -25c tune again in 1 month

-25c or more in 2 weeks and then in 3

 months and then every 6 months. 

Tuning is a necesary part of maintaining a piano.  The more a piano's pitch is changed, the less time it will stay in tune.  Concert pianos are tuned before each performance, not because they are bad pianos as tuning is not a permanent thing.  The more a piano's pitch is changed the more chance there is for a string to break.

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