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tTestimonial from Keith W. from McCleansboro, VA "I got the cups, they're just wionderful.I will cherish them, the wood is fantastic." These remarks concerning a set of Bocote HHCC's in March, 2013

 Testimonial from Dave in Ohio 10/20/09

"James, Thank you for all your good work and beautiful caster cups.  The piano is here and your two level caster cups work"  This pertained to the set of custom Brazilian Cherry caster cups.

From another, "  Your caster cups are more than just caster cups, they are beautiful, small pieces of furniture."

The  Hardwood Piano Caster Cups supply of James Grebe is probably the most diverse in the world in species of wood and sizes.  Since the early 1990's, I have made and sold caster cups to dozens of people from California to Florida and New York to Louisiana and even to far off Honolulu, Hawaii and France.. 

 Have you ever thought about the weight of your piano, and how the entire weight is touching your floor or carpet on 3 small places on the bottom of a hard steel or brass caster with an area about the size of one thumbprint at each termination? Consider a Steinway Grand piano in a medium size (5’8”) . The piano weighs 560 pounds. Think of all that weight on 3 small areas on the bottom of a steel or brass caster pushing on your floor.

Now picture that same amount of weight supported by my Hardwood Piano Caster Cups with a diameter of 5.5” each. That reduces the force pressuring your floor by 87% less, Think of how much easier that is on your floor or floor covering. The Hardwood Piano Caster cup is flat on the bottom and has a fine felt covering, further protecting your floor. In addition to protecting your floor my piano caster cups  have another advantage in the due to  the vibration of the instrument is causing the entire case to vibrate and the vibrations are terminating in the hard wood of the caster cup and  the vibration is sent back up the legs and finally back to the soundboard enhancing the volume and tone of your piano. The volume of the piano comes from the vibrating soundboard and the more it vibrates, the better tone the piano will have.

Another side benefit is that the floor to pedal distance is restored, giving you free, unchecked pedal depressing distance so the pedals are easier to manipulate.

In addition to caster cups for grand pianos I also configure them for vertical styled pianos. They are of the same quality of wood but made around 4.5” in diameter to be in scale with the smaller size of the piano and its casters. I make them in sets of 2 which would go under the front legs , if pedal height is the goal or in sets of 4 to protect the floor from the 4 casters. Since the casters are smaller on a vertical piano than a grand piano the crushing problem is even worse on the unprotected floor.

 In addition to caster cups for pianos,  Most furniture legs have the end grain on the bottom of the leg and will very readily scratch your floor.  At best, they have metal dome glides which can gouge a nice floor.  Since my caster cups for furniture are felted on their entire bottom, no danger of scratching any more. .

Shoddy imitations of caster cups

Many new pianos come with plastic caster cups and are usually given free or at very low cost. Before you use the plastic variety, take a moment to examine it. First, they are plastic, (yuck) on an instrument worth thousands of dollars. Secondly, look at the bottom of the cup. You will notice that it is not solid and flat but hollow and ribbed. The advantage of a 5.5” plastic caster cup is almost non-existent. It is not touching the floor save for about 3 very thin ridges of the plastic. The plastic variety is truly all show - no go. I have also seen the plastic variety simply break with the weight of the piano.

Accept nothing but the finest for your piano, which is probably the single most expensive piece of furniture in your home. Please remember that all of my Caster Cups were made in Arnold, MO.

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