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All our handmade products are made in Arnold, MO. .

Handsome Hardwood Piano Benches

  I use only hardwoods or multi-laminate hardwoods to manufacture replacement piano benches.   I use no  particleboard or staples in my construction. All benches have music storage under the top. The bench bottoms are made from a multilaminate and is bradded, screwed, and glued to the carcass.. I use lacquer as a finish and it can either be a closed-pore hand-rubbed finish or a satin finish.

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Hollowed Vessels

Hollowed Vessels are made on a one at a time basis and are pleasing to the eye for decoration for that favorite shelf or display case.

Legend of the Hollowed Vessel

A Hollowed Vessel is somewhat like the human heart. Think of the love we possess as contained in the hollowed vessel. We can pour out love from the hollowed vessel and just as quickly  it replenishes itself with air the same happens with the love contained in it.. We cannot empty the heart of love or the vessel of air. Think of your hollowed vessel in that way. Treat your life that way.

Dream Decanters

A dream decanter is a hollowed vessel with a lid. Keep a dream decanter around to contain your dreams. These are no idle dreams but really future ambitions you have for your life. That is why there are lids to keep others from learning of your dream. It is much to easy for someone else to discount or demean the dream you have for your life and ruin your ambitions for achieving it. Keep your dreams where you know where they are and visit them often.

Personal Nocturnal Needful Necessities Receptacle (PNNNR)

These are decorative objects that are made to place your small items of jewelry or spare change on your dresser for quick retrieval the next morning.  Putting your things in one place always keeps you organized and displays your personal items in a beautiful and unique way. Made of the finest decorative woods.

Table Timepieces

Remember when you looked at the clock on the mantle and you looked as much at the case the clock was is in as much as the time.  That is what Table Timepices are reminiscent of.  They are made from fine hardwoods in traditional and contemporary designs.   There is room on the base to mount a small brass plaque to personalise as a gift for someone special or to mark a special occasion.

Art Objects

Art Objects


Miscellaneous woodcraft