The Henry F. Miller Piano Company

     The Henry F. Miller Piano Company began in 1863 with the first factory in Wakefield, MA. Henry also made the Trowbridge piano as a sideline which was discontinued in 1928.. One of the unusual things is that they marketed a pedalboard piano.  (similar to the pedalboard on organs).   In 1949, ownership was transferred to the Ivers & Pond Piano Company in Cambridge , MA.  When Aeolian-American absorbed Ivers & Pond, the Henry F. Miller became a lowest price piano as they did with many of the makes they controlled like Ivers & Pond and moved production to Memphis , TN during the 1960’s .  The push was on to make things as cheaply as possible.  Finally, Aeolian- American went bankrupt and the many names of pianos  they controlled were sold to the highest bidder.  The name was silent for a number of years and finally the Pearl River Piano Company of China (largest piano manufacturer in the world) was hired by a group of USA retail piano stores to build a new Henry F. Miller piano using high  quality modern construction and top notch raw materials. In grand pianos, they use both laminated and solid spruce soundboards in their builds.  Tone quality in both styles of pianos is good for their size and build quality is excellent for a low cost piano.

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